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Delayed reaction, I guess!

2010-07-18 00:32:33 by LegendaryQ

I have decided, due to the... delayed... but ultimately positive reaction to The Plain, I will upload the other 7 or 8 tracks I've made! So, I'll start uploading over the next few days. I'm really happy, and I've been wanting to do this for a little while.

So, I'll begin uploading today or tomarrow with two songs I like to call "Stream" and 'Common Sanity." The names might be edited a little for uniqueness, but those are their names right now.

It's so sad it's funny

2010-07-10 00:12:01 by LegendaryQ

So, I take a leap of faith (since Forward Future was ruined one way or another), I go ahead, and I upload another piece of music... and what score do I get? I don't get a score at all. Somehow, my piece of music managed to slip through the cracks and completely go through and off the queue of new music without a single vote. I must have the worst luck or something.

You know, NG really should make a system similar to the "Under Judgement" thing flashes go through for the Audio Portal. That would filter out the lesser entries to the Audio Portal, and preventing music like mine from slipping through the cracks.

I'm not sure to cry or laugh, due to the sheer idiocy of the whole thing. </rant>

Oh yeah, and if you want to make a little artist happy, please rate and review said song.

My music on NG

2010-06-04 19:33:57 by LegendaryQ

Forward Future was, at most, an experiment. It was not the first piece of music I'd made, just the first (and probably the last) I had uploaded to NG. In hindsight, I see that there are few (if any) chiptunes on NG. I'm not sure exactly how my song got such a low score. Was it because it was a chiptune? Was it too repetitive? I suppose this is why constructive criticism is so important.

Anyhow... my song was an experiment in that it was to see how NG reacted to the obscure genre I make music in. As well as just how NG reacted to my style in general. If it got a nice score, I would have put the rest of my music onto NG. Since I now see that was harshly not the case, I have decided to leave NG out when making music. I have other websites to post my music anyway.

I will not remove Forward Future, I assume that with the direction the score is going, as well as the lack of popularity, the automated bots will take care of that for me. I will continue to make music, I will not leave NG. I merely will not add any more music. Aw well. It was a nice idea in the beginning.


2010-05-28 15:49:22 by LegendaryQ

Well, Forward Future finally got through. With a record number of 2 votes!
And a score of 2.22! ... I just got the funniness of that. Meh, anyhow. It's a shame it wasn't very popular, then again, there is a lot of competition. But, I liked it personally. Perhaps people were just expecting Techno from the name and got a cute little chiptune.

On the plus side, at least I have something on NG now.
And now I have a news post.