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Cupido Por Vita Cupido Por Vita

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad

Composition wise, I like it. It flows naturally. The piano sample(s) are pretty good, I wouldn't worry too much about because A. you can't do much about it, and B. they aren't very bad in the first place. The introduction was a little long, I would shorten a little... (not really an issue though) in addition, the song was a bit repetitive at parts. Other than that, it was great. (then again, I do enjoy Classical music, so I might be biased.) All in all, not a bad song.

gopotter responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I did notice the intro was long (I was a bt lazy in changing it)
There are what sound like out of tune to me (i.e. 1:20) and at least one problem where the music should flow more nicely (the triplet at 1:40. Those seemed to be transfer problems.

As for the repetition, I'm assuming a lot of the is the base, since that does change throughout the enitre song... mostly because 1. I'm lazy, and 2. I don't play piano anyway, and have no experience seeing more than one part of sheet music... or at least playing more than one part.