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Great music, graphics, story. Actual gameplay is decent but hardly perfect. I feel like the gameplay takes a backseat to everything else; though overall, awesome.

Fun game, but has its faults.

Namely, jumping. I can't count how many times I've died or annoyed by how when you jump the game ignores any changes in velocity. I've sat right next to a platform jumping straight up trying to move a bit to the right. I've overshot into some spikes and the bottomless pits. I like the game, I think its clever, but I've gotten so used to being able to control the character in the air that it's kind of become expected. Heck, some games actually make it required to do so.

2011's Audiosurf

This game reminds me heavily of Audiosurf, only better. Everything works well, and with a fairly undepletable selection of levels to choose from, it has great replay value.

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Really fun arcade game

I have no clue why this has a 2.78, this doesn't deserve it. It's a fun game, which could use some other features (i.e. bosses, music, etc.). I liked it a lot.

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Fun, but doesn't stand out

The physics work, and it is a challenging but fun game. My only real issue with it is that it doesn't really stand out or do anything special. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just that it is just a platformer. Nothing's wrong with that, and this is a fun game, but honestly, going into this game I kinda expected some sort of color mechanic or something.

Great game

I've played this multiple times, and I'm still enjoying it, finding new little things I didn't see before.

An Interesting Game

Fyoozd is an interesting game which proves to be fun game that falls with games such as Bejeweled, but has a few issues that make it significantly less so.
Firstly, I don't like that you can only play for a minute. Not saying there shouldn't be some sort of time limit, but I would like if you could level up (and make the game progressively more difficult) or have each time you score 3 generators get a second or two back.
Secondly, it doesn't take more than 3 generators. 4 or 5 generators in a row is unlikely, but a definite possibility.
Overall, this is a fun game that needs a lot more tweaking and polishing. I would like to see an improved version of this.

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motionmonkey responds:

Thanks for the comments. There's every chance I'll be making a level based sequel.

As for more than 3 generators in a row, those are the rules of the game, the electricity can reach over a maximum of 3. So if there is a longer line you need to pick which 3 to remove, it's all part of the strategy in the game. This is not Bejewelled, gameplay is dfferent and so are the rules.

Fun and difficult game

This is a fun, addicting, and very difficult game. It's simple, with fitting and good music, and a good, high difficulty. I see no issues with this game, only fun.

Also, my score: 430 deaths.

Depressing, but a deep and fantastic game

Wow. That... was great. It really got to me. It's a well thought-out and clever "game". Wow.

Very fun

The game is smooth and entertaining, and the music fits very well. The game is fairly long too. It took me a while, but I eventually beat it. My score was 140,293. All in all, great game!

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