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Great as always. TOME has become one of the star series on Newgrounds thanks to its continued quality of story, animation, music... etc.

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I just about cried when you pulled out the Comic Sans.

Awesome stuff. I admittedly never got too far into your TTA series, so this is a great way for people new to the story to see it for the first time, better than ever. Keep up the awesome, Kirbopher and company.

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Whilst in some interpretations it may seem rather politically incorrect (which I personally don't really care about all that much), I thought it was an intriguing little video. Be who you want to be. Strive for your own goals.

I like your style of animation.

Great visuals and music, I agree with others that the text detracts, and the things expressed in the text could be expressed in other, better ways. Aside from that qualm, I thought it was a really clever video and I liked it a lot.

Absolutely amazing.

A fitting and insanely awesome piece of a insanely awesome webcomic.

Increaingly hilarious

When I saw the first episode, I had high hopes for this series. Nice to see that it is surpassing my expectations. Funny as heck. Quality of animation awesome. Music is great. Voice acting is very professional. Seriously, this is an amazing series you're working on here.


Very clever idea, and well executed. <3 Reformat the Planet and that good cover of it you got there.


It is not often that one finds something like this on Newgrounds. I would go so far to say it is very rare, in fact. This is, quite possibly, one of the greatest animations I've seen on Newgrounds, simply for its quality, music, and of course, the wonderful story. I applaud you, KibitzCo, and can't wait to see your next work.

The 15 seconds of animation weren't bad.

Sorry you are having trouble with Flash;
however the quality of this wasn't bad.
I hope to see a longer work at some point.

AlStew responds:

Yeah, i made this in an afternoon after having only little annoying problems with it. But hopefully i've worked it out now.
Thanks for the comment!

Hello, NG! I am LegendaryQ. I make games (unfortunately not with Flash) and compose music as a hobby.

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