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Great as always. TOME has become one of the star series on Newgrounds thanks to its continued quality of story, animation, music... etc.

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I just about cried when you pulled out the Comic Sans.

Awesome stuff. I admittedly never got too far into your TTA series, so this is a great way for people new to the story to see it for the first time, better than ever. Keep up the awesome, Kirbopher and company.

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Great music, graphics, story. Actual gameplay is decent but hardly perfect. I feel like the gameplay takes a backseat to everything else; though overall, awesome.

Fun game, but has its faults.

Namely, jumping. I can't count how many times I've died or annoyed by how when you jump the game ignores any changes in velocity. I've sat right next to a platform jumping straight up trying to move a bit to the right. I've overshot into some spikes and the bottomless pits. I like the game, I think its clever, but I've gotten so used to being able to control the character in the air that it's kind of become expected. Heck, some games actually make it required to do so.

2011's Audiosurf

This game reminds me heavily of Audiosurf, only better. Everything works well, and with a fairly undepletable selection of levels to choose from, it has great replay value.

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Not bad

Composition wise, I like it. It flows naturally. The piano sample(s) are pretty good, I wouldn't worry too much about because A. you can't do much about it, and B. they aren't very bad in the first place. The introduction was a little long, I would shorten a little... (not really an issue though) in addition, the song was a bit repetitive at parts. Other than that, it was great. (then again, I do enjoy Classical music, so I might be biased.) All in all, not a bad song.

gopotter responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I did notice the intro was long (I was a bt lazy in changing it)
There are what sound like out of tune to me (i.e. 1:20) and at least one problem where the music should flow more nicely (the triplet at 1:40. Those seemed to be transfer problems.

As for the repetition, I'm assuming a lot of the is the base, since that does change throughout the enitre song... mostly because 1. I'm lazy, and 2. I don't play piano anyway, and have no experience seeing more than one part of sheet music... or at least playing more than one part.

Hello, NG! I am LegendaryQ. I make games (unfortunately not with Flash) and compose music as a hobby.

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